These Three Things Become Reasons Why English Is Very Important In The World Of Work

Maybe everyone knows that English is a language used throughout the world and is a global language. however, there are still some people who even consider it unimportant for me to understand. In fact, by learning English, there are many conveniences that you will get. Besides English, Arabic is also an important language to learn. Many people have finally learned Arabic to understand the two languages.

In fact, English itself is a very important language in the world of work. There are several reasons why English is very important in the world of work.

1. Very broad career opportunities
Broader Career Opportunities
More and more large companies throughout the world require employees to speak English. As the world becomes increasingly connected because of globalization, it is only natural that large companies want to continue to be relevant in order to continue to compete. Nowadays, everyone tries to learn and communicate in English. English is a common language used by all types of society, whether in the world of work or not.

2. Access to Unlimited Information
Entering the world of work, you will certainly very often dwell in cyberspace. In your daily routine, you will spend a lot of time at the computer. At least 70% of your time will be spent using a computer. Likewise, with the Internet, you will really need it to find ideas, add information, and find ways to fix a broken copier. And do you know that very valuable information is mostly written in English? Being able to speak English will certainly help you to make your work easier.

3. Compete with other professionals
At present, by having English skills you are automatically placed at the top of the list of job applicants. English language proficiency is a qualification that is needed in almost every field of work. It will be difficult if you don’t have this one qualification when competing with other professionals.

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