The Best Hajj Preps to Do

Well, hajj and umrah isn’t the only consideration factor when planning for Hajj. In fact, there are so many things to think well in order to ensure you will make no mistakes.

A person who is going to go to Umrah or Hajj sometimes pays little attention to the actual things, including important to be prepared. So often confused when already in the holy land. Besides preparing the inner self such as cleansing yourself from sin and guilt, that is repenting to Allah, asking to mutually bless one another to relatives as well as people who are known if there is a mistake and forgetting, settling the debt, preparing the physical condition, also important is the preparation of supplies must also be considered.

Bringing religious books and reading books will also be very useful to accompany you during your trip. In addition, prayer beads will also motivate us to do a lot of remembrance in addition to reading mild religious books. These books greatly helped to take advantage of the time when I sat at the Holy Prophet ‘Alaihi waSallamat, while on a bus between Makkah and Madinah, and when in waiting times. Bring a compact water spray. This is useful for maintaining facial moisture and reducing dehydration. In addition, facial moisturizers will also be very useful when the cold weather is often dry and cracked.

Lip balm also needs to be prepared to anticipate the threat of dehydration. Usually, the first lip becomes dry. Buy a fruity lip balm. To wash, simply bring detergent that is sachet so it does not take up space. Previously, use a double plastic wrap to avoid leaking. Also, don’t forget to bring a clothes hanger. To save space, it is recommended to bring a foldable hanger. Japanese raffia/grass need to be taken too. This versatile strap is very helpful for drying clothes or trying others.

If the weather in the Holy Land is cold, bring warm clothes. Bring sweaters and knitwear. Avoid bringing a thick jacket because it takes extra space of a suitcase and it is not practical to go to the mosque wearing a very thick jacket. Equally important, bring a mask. For women, take it and wear a mask with a long strap, because if you use veil, of course, you can’t put it on your ear.

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