Treatment of Gastric Cancer

The treatment method used in cases of gastric cancer depends on the severity of the disease and the general health condition of the patient. It is estimated that around 20 to 30 percent of gastric cancer patients can be treated until healed. You can also follow ayahuasca healing retreat peru female curanderas to help you escape cancer.

The following are the three main types of treatment in cases of colon cancer.

– Radiotherapy

The purpose of radiotherapy is to kill cancer cells. On radiotherapy, the method of treatment is carried out using radiant radiation. Usually, the radiotherapy method is applied to cases of high-stage gastric cancer with symptoms of bleeding. Before surgery, radiotherapy can be done to reduce the size of stomach tumors so that they are more easily removed. While radiotherapy which is done afterward aims to kill cancer cells that may still remain while preventing cancer from developing again. Even so, there are some side effects from the use of radiotherapy that must also be considered, including:

Irritation or blackish color on the skin around the treated area.

– Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a treatment to kill cancer cells through the administration of a number of drugs. An example is a cytotoxic drug that is able to stop the spread of cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs can take the form of tablets, infusions, or a combination of both. In gastric cancer, chemotherapy carried out before surgery usually aims to shrink the tumor. Whereas chemotherapy carried out after surgery aims to prevent cancer from recurring. For advanced, inoperable gastric cancer, chemotherapy can help inhibit cancer development and relieve symptoms.

– operation

The type of surgery to treat gastric cancer is carried out depending on the severity of the spread of cancer itself. For example, if a diagnosed cancer is still in its early stages and is just developing in the stomach wall, a procedure called endoscopic resection can be performed. Through this procedure, the doctor does not need to dissect the patient and simply insert the endoscope into the stomach through the mouth and esophagus. With a special device equipped with this camera, doctors can remove cancer from the stomach lining and leave the tissue still healthy.