Understanding and How to Overcome Error Authentication in the Play Store

Authentification is a process that is an act of proof (validation) of the identity of a user when entering (accessing) a system two factor authentication . Where the validation process usually uses the name and password of a user who will later be used as a marker (verification) whether someone is a person who has the right to enter the system. You can visit https://www.logmeonce.com/ to get a photo login for your application.

Why is this authentication error? To answer this question, actually I myself do not know for sure, because the occurrence of this problem seems to appear suddenly without any cause.

But clearly the problem like this I’ve experienced myself on my Android smartphone, at that time I intend to update an application and it turns out that it appears instead of a warning message that contains; “Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. Tray again” or if interpreted; “Authentication is required. You need to enter a Google account. Try again.” Then I immediately tried to download an application on the Google Play Store and the same message appeared.

How to Overcome Error Authentication in the Play Store

First, please enter the Settings menu
After that, click the Account Tab then select Google
Then click Delete Account
After that, go back to the beginning of the Settings menu, find and open the Application Manager
Then search and open the Google Play Store application
Then delete all existing data by clicking Delete Data
Then a message will appear, then you just click “OK”
After all of the above processes have been completed, then go back to the beginning of the Settings menu. Then you re-enter the Google Account that you deleted earlier in the Tab Add Account and select “Existing”
At the last stage, it’s time for you to try to open the Google Play Store and please test to download an application.

And hopefully the Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone has been released from the Authentication Error problem and if not, continue to the second stage, namely:

Remove / Uninstall / Uninstall first your Google Play Store application, then download it again via the Android browser application, such as; Chrome. And if you have done the second stage, it still has not been resolved, then proceed to the last stage which is the final stage, namely:

Returning an Android Smartphone like New Again (doing a factory reset).