Know Safe Tips When Cooking Using Gas

In the restaurant, of course you will cook in large quantities. This sometimes makes the use of gas there very wasteful. however, now the propane exchange will help you to refill the gas or even replace the gas. You certainly want to save the gas you use, right? then this will be the best way.

In addition to paying attention to the use of gas, all you need to pay attention to is security when you are cooking. make sure that your security is still the main point when cooking. There are some tips for safe cooking when using gas.

1. Note the position of the stove and gas cylinder
Make sure you put the stove and gas cylinder in a place that is flat and sturdy. Because if it is placed on an uneven surface or on a pile of other objects, the gas cylinder may fall which causes the hose and regulator to be attracted to it to become loose. This regulator loosening can eventually cause the gas to come out, even if it’s not being used. So try to put a gas cylinder on a flat surface.

2. Check the condition of the tube regularly
Checking the condition of the tube and other equipment regularly is also a must for you, so that if a leak occurs, you can immediately deal with it. The regulator’s connection with the mouth of the tube and gas hose are the most vulnerable parts to leakage. You can check it by rubbing the part using soapy water. If there is a leak, air bubbles will appear on the soapy water.
Also, make sure that the gas cylinder you are using is still in good condition, at least 90% of the surface is still covered in paint and there are not many rusting parts, especially at the bottom. Because rusting that occurs at the bottom of the tube can indicate that the tube has not been treated for a long time and may have a leak. You can check by inserting the tube into the water, if air bubbles emerge, the tube will definitely leak.