The positive sides of sadness

Sadness is usually considered as one of the bad types of emotions by many people. It hurts, it makes us cry, and also remind us of many painful memories. However, sadness can also bring positive impacts to our lives that can change our personality to become the better version of itself. Right now, we’d like to share with you some bright sides of sadness. Meanwhile, check out Sad Shayari if you need a good social network to share your sad stories.

1. It brings out the empathy and sympathy in our hearts

As you can expect, we can’t call ourselves humans if we can’t feel the pain and suffering of others. Thanks to this feeling named sadness, we are capable of preventing ourselves to become animals that will hurt anyone around us.

2. It gives us lessons of life when we hear sad stories of others

Whether it’s fictional or based on true stories, sad chapters of other’s life can motivate us to stay strong no matter what happens in our lives. Some of them can also teach us to avoid mistakes that can be very bad in our lives.

3. It connects one heart with another

Sometimes new relationships can be built by hearing and feeling the sadness of others. So be a good listener, and you may be able to find the one who can be your soulmate or best friend.