Kitchen Equipment Making Materials

There are several tool materials at that you can choose as materials that are safe for your kitchen equipment, including:

– Stainless Steel This material is resistant to heat but quickly delivers heat, and if exposed to fire does not cause crust. Even the fat in food cannot enter the stainless steel surface. Therefore, use materials made of stainless steel for frying, pans, steaming tools, grills, spoons, and others related to heat.

– Wood The nature of wood is to absorb heat and not deliver it, therefore wood is very well used for spatulas, rice spoons, and vegetable spoons. Unfortunately the pores in wood can cause fat and oil into it, so consider how to wash wood furniture.

– Glass This glass material is solid, even fat and oil cannot enter the surface of glass kitchen equipment. Glass material is also easy to clean, but glass sometimes is not resistant to heat and has a heavy load. Therefore, use glass for kitchen appliances that are not directly related to fire such as plates, cups, bowls, pan covers, and so on.