New golfers must know these tips

Understanding the physics of golf is very important, so we understand that the strength of impact is not the hard swing with the muscles of the hand to hit the ball, but how we move in harmony to optimize the centrifugal force acting on swing golf, so even though we are small we can produce far-reaching punches. In the meantime, check out the excellent bangkok golf course as well.

Set a monthly target: for example the first month (use iron no. 7 or 8) 50% of ball blows can hit and soar, second month 70% hit, soar far and straight, 8 standard iron distance around 125 meters, iron 8 around 135 meters, month the third has started to hit direction and is measured in distance, by hitting the ball towards the 50 75 100 125 distance flags on the driving range.

Prioritize the truth of the swing movement, not the distance of the punch: this is the most drain on patience during the first 3 months or 5000 driving balls. because the feeling is always wrong, wrong grip, backswing, hitting, impact hand position, shoulder up, eyes etc.

Do not rush to use the driver but master the iron until it is really not rushed to use the driver: because the driver is also the longest-sized wood 3 to be the most difficult and sensitive, even if the training in the US at the beginning of the field can not use drivers or wood.

Do not rush to want to go down the field when you still haven’t mastered the basics, due to worrying about chasing the target score forget the right way to swing. It is said that soldier officers of a country have to drive 10,000 balls before they can go down, I am the third month after 3000 new balls have come down. In some fields abroad if you want to play you have to show your handicap data/card, if there is no one told to hit a few balls and if you are still not allowed to go down the field because it can endanger other players on the field because of your ball.

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