How to clean the most important home air conditioner

The cleanliness of the air conditioner also affects the air quality in the house and the household electricity consumption used. If the air conditioner is rarely cleaned, then dust, fleas, mold, and bacteria can accumulate in the vents, coils, and filters so that it mixes with the cool air that is flowed into the room. The dirt also makes the AC workload heavier so it does not work optimally and increases the electrical power it uses. In addition to a pile of dust that looks invisible and smells of musty coming out of the air conditioner, the sound of noise also indicates that your air conditioner is time to be cleaned by aircon servicing. But sometimes there are also air conditioners that continue to operate as usual and do not show any signs, however, the air conditioner does not mean clean and normal. Ideally, air conditioners need to be cleaned once a month to maintain cleanliness and durability. In addition to filters, the AC unit inside the house also contains an evaporator coil and a fan that must be cleaned. On the market now available AC cleaning fluid products in the form of sprays to clean the evaporator coil that cannot be removed from the AC unit. So you don’t need to protect using a jet pump, you need to install the walls and floors so that they don’t get spilled dirt. Follow the rules for using the product!

Besides the routine of cleaning the air conditioner from dust every month, you also need to take care of it regularly every year. How to clean the air conditioner above does not cover the AC unit outside the house, especially to the engine or compressor. Change your AC filter every 3 months. However, if one of the residents has allergies, replacing the AC filter needs to or should be more frequent. Turn off your air conditioner before the house is left and just turn it back on when you are back at home or when you need it. When turning on the AC, do not set the temperature directly to the lowest because it will not make the room cool faster, but only makes the AC work harder.

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